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StartRight Speech & Language Therapy

StartRight Speech Therapy is an independent practice covering Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas. We offer specialist assessment, therapy and advice in your child’s home, nursery / school or at our local clinic in Greenmount.


Sessions are flexible and personalised to you and your child.

Speech Sound Disorders (SSD)

Difficulties with the articulation (how you pronounce specific sounds) or phonological representation (how sounds are stored in the brain).

Language Delay or Disorder

Difficulty understanding and using words in sentences.    

Social Communication Difficulties or Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Difficulty with social communication (interpreting facial expressions, tone of voice, jokes/sarcasm), social interaction (difficulty understanding emotions in themselves and others) and restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviour.

Therapy Solutions
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Catrina Dyer - StartRight Speech Therapy

Our therapist Catrina has more than 15 years experience working in both the NHS and private sectors, helping children with a wide range of communication needs, from pre-school to high school aged children.


Please contact us for more information on pricing and availability.

Happy Customers

Catrina met with me and my 6 year old son and immediately made us both feel at ease. Catrina is really friendly and approachable. Whilst I was not present when Catrina completed her assessment with my son, he came out like he’d enjoyed his time with her. This put my mind at rest that he didn’t feel he was under pressure in any way.After the assessment, Catrina provided a high quality written report, detailing her findings from the assessment in a way that me and my husband could understand. Catrina also went through the report with us, giving us a chance to ask questions and clarify points. My husband and I were really pleased we went to Catrina, we instantly felt she understood what we were feeling and the best part was, she provided us with advice and strategies to go forward with. My son will still require reviews as his needs change overtime, we will not hesitate to contact Catrina again in the future.
Mum of S, age 6
Catrina is currently working with our child as an independent speech and language therapist. She is providing support within the school setting and training staff members in the use of a high tech communication device. She is very friendly, professional and dedicated.
Mum of N, age 6